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What we measure

This test looks for signs of health issues that can affect erectile function. As well as being influenced by mental health, erectile dysfunction can occur for a number of different reasons, including heart disease, diabetes, and a hormone imbalance. This test can help you figure out whether your symptoms are due to physical causes.

Total Cholesterol

Thyroid function




This test can help indicate health issues that could affect erectile function.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get and/or maintain an erection for long enough to have sex. It’s very common and happens to most people assigned male at birth at some point—but if it keeps happening over time, this can signal an underlying problem.

How we feel about sex—if we’re nervous or stressed, for example—can affect erectile dysfunction but there are also a number of physical explanations for it.

To become and stay erect, for example, there needs to be sufficient blood flow to the penis. Heart disease and diabetes can interfere with this. Throwing off the body’s regular, finely-tuned hormonal balance can also have a knock-on effect on sexual function.

This test can spot signs of health issues that can cause erectile dysfunction, to help you figure out what’s causing your symptoms.

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what to expect

In your results, you’ll receive a list of measurements that tell you how much of each substance is present in your blood, plus the calculations mentioned above, and whether these readings fall within a normal range.

A normal range is the amount you’d typically see within a healthy person.

If you have an abnormal reading, this signals that something inside the body isn’t working as it should be. This isn’t a diagnosis—only a doctor can diagnose you with a health condition. Rather, your results are a kind of status report that tells you what appears to be working well and what warrants closer investigation.

Blood tests one of the best tools we have for identifying health problems. Your doctor may use your results to inform their diagnosis, decide whether to do more tests, or help determine which treatments may help.

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Do I need to fast ahead of this test?

Yes, this test requires a fasting sample, which means that you can’t eat or drink anything except water for 8-10 hours beforehand.

Can this blood test tell me if I have erectile dysfunction?

This test can tell you whether you may have a health issue that can cause erectile dysfunction. Only a doctor can diagnose you, but your blood test results can be used to inform their decision.

Blood tests are usually one of the first steps in investigating a health problem. They can uncover clear signs that something isn’t working as it should be, which can help doctors figure out what’s going on and whether to do any further tests.

Is this test accurate?

Yes, this test is accurate in measuring the amount of each substance within your blood.

Our tests meet high standards for safety, quality, and best practice. We’re CQC registered, which is a quality mark for health services you can trust, UKAS accredited, and use advanced encryption to protect your medical information. Each test is validated by registered clinical scientists and doctors.

I got an abnormal reading, what should I do next?

An abnormal reading may mean that you’ve got a health issue, so we’d advise speaking with a doctor about what your next steps should be. They can run more tests that confirm or rule out certain diseases, and then determine a treatment plan as necessary.

What sort of questions will a doctor ask about erectile dysfunction?
While they might feel personal, all of your doctor’s questions simply aim to collect information that will help them figure out how to help you. They aren’t here to judge you.

Usually, they will ask you questions about your medical and sexual history, including about your lifestyle, medications you’re taking, and your relationships. For example, they may ask how you would describe your levels of sexual desire, or how often you experience erectile dysfunction.

They will use these answers to try and determine what’s causing your symptoms and how best they can help you deal with them.

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