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Test for vitamin deficiency anaemia, which may explain fatigue, muscle weakness, and more

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What we measure

This test measures levels of three crucial nutrients: vitamin D, folate (vitamin B9), and vitamin B12. A deficiency in folate or B12 can cause a condition called vitamin deficiency anaemia, which is when the body doesn’t produce enough healthy red blood cells. Low levels of vitamin D can also contribute to anaemia.

This test can help indicate whether you’ve got vitamin deficiency anaemia.

You need red bloods cells to transport oxygen around your body, so that it can be used as energy. Anaemia is a condition where your body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells, so this job isn’t done as well and less oxygen is delivered to your muscles. This can make you feel tired or weaker than normal.

Deficiencies in vitamin B12, folate, and vitamin D can impair the body’s ability to make healthy red blood cells—and therefore, cause anaemia.

This test can tell you whether your levels of those three vitamins are below a normal amount, which can be a sign that you’ve got vitamin deficiency anaemia. It may be recommended for people experiencing symptoms of anaemia, including fatigue, pins and needles, mouth ulcers, muscle weakness, and pale skin.

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what to expect

Your results will tell you how much vitamin D, folate, and vitamin B12 is present in your blood and whether these readings fall within a normal range.

This is also sometimes called the reference range, and it describes the amounts of a nutrient that are typically found in healthy people.

If your readings are below this range, this suggests that you’re deficient in that nutrient, which can signal that you’ve got vitamin deficiency anaemia.

Nutritional deficiencies are treatable and usually get better through changes to diet and taking supplements. If your results are abnormal and you aren’t sure what to do next, it’s best to speak to a doctor.

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What is a normal level of vitamin D?

A reading of 50nmol/L or more means that you’ve got sufficient (normal) levels of vitamin D. Nanomoles (nmol) per litre (L) is a specific unit of measurement that describes the concentration of a substance within your blood.

How should I prepare for this test?

If you’re taking a supplement that contains biotin, which is often found in products for nail, skin, and hair health, it’s recommended that you don’t take it for at least 48 hours prior to testing. If your biotin has been prescribed by a doctor, check in with them before you stop taking it.

Can this test tell me if I have anaemia?

This test can tell you how much vitamin B12, D, and folate is in your blood, and whether these levels are low enough to constitute a deficiency. Your results can be suggestive of anaemia, but only a doctor can actually diagnose you. Often, they will use your blood test results to inform their decision.

Blood tests are among the best tools we have for identifying nutritional deficiencies, and are usually one of the first steps people take when investigating health problems.

My results are abnormal, what should I do next?

Nutritional deficiencies are usually treated through dietary changes and supplements, and your results can tell you where you’re lacking. If your results show that you have a deficiency it’s best to speak with your doctor, who will be able to prescribe specific treatments such as high-strength supplements as needed.

Your results can also help you assess where you can make healthy changes to your lifestyle, for example by adding in more foods rich in B9 like dark green, leafy vegetables.

Is this test accurate?

Yes, this test can accurately tell you how much vitamin D, B12, and folate is in your blood, and whether these levels constitute a deficiency.

Tuli tests follow the highest standards for best practice, quality, and safety. We’re UKAS accredited, CQC registered (a quality mark for health services you can trust), and all our tests are validated by registered clinical scientists and doctors.

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