From One Application


  • COVID-19 tests (day2/8, fit-to-fly, test to release)
  • 24/7 virtual clinic
  • Health screening
  • Seasonal vaccinations
  • Private referrals
  • Certificates and letters
  • Portable medical records
  • Visa medicals

Benefits In Joining Our
Corporate Scheme

Discount on all services

Being part of our corporate scheme, you and your employees can access healthcare services at up to 20% discount.

We tailor the services to your needs

Tell us what services and dashboard features you would like to have. We will tailor-make it just for you. 30-day payment term, we can invoice directly to your finance department and taking the hassle out of reimbursing employees.

Individualised care and attention

Our customer service is 24/7. Whenever you need anything, we will always be there. We work around your schedule to provide the best quality care.

Be the first to know new features

We are actively in touch with health industry experts and national health authorities. When access and distribution of tests or vaccine becomes available, we will be at the forefront in supporting you and your employees.


A tailored,
hassle-free service

We work with you to identify your key priorities and create a healthcare package that's right for you and fits your budget. We take care of all the administration so getting started is quick and easy.
What does it take to join?

Nothing! Just a quick call with us
so we can learn what you need.

Once you sign the supply of service contract, you will be able to access discounted healthcare services straightaway.