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What we measure

This test analyses sequences of your DNA and epigenetic markers (whether genes are switched “on” or “off”) to provide over 100 personalised health insights, including your biological age. Your DNA contains instructions for how the body should work, while epigenetics can tell us whether those instructions are actually being carried out (i.e., whether a gene is switched on). When certain genes are switched off, it can make the body age faster.

By analysing both your DNA and epigenetic markers, we can get a fuller picture of how your genes shape your unique health needs.

Epigenetic insights

DNA insights

This test can tell you your biological age and indicate how your DNA shapes your unique health needs.

Your DNA is what makes you, you—it’s the blueprint for how your body should look and function. Genes are smaller sections of these instructions.

Humans share about 99% of the same genes, and the differences within the remaining 1% are what makes us unique. For example, differences in height and eye colour would be determined by genes within that 1%.

This test looks at genetic variations (known as SNPs or “snips”) to discover which traits, characteristics, and health risks are unique to you.

But for the instructions in your genes to be carried out, those genes need to be switched on.

Biological changes inside the body, known as epigenetic changes, can determine whether a gene is on or off. These changes can be influenced by your lifestyle and environment.

If certain genes are off, damage can build up inside your cells and make your body age faster. Your biological age is a measure of the amount of damage accumulated. It’s used to predict your overall health and how long you’ll live free from disease.

This test investigates whether key genes are off to calculate four measures of biological age, plus your genetic risk of inflammation. Biological age can be reversed, so your results will also include advice on which healthy choices can help you improve your score.

How it works

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Your results:
what to expect

Your results will be delivered in two online reports totalling over 200 pages: one focusing on your DNA and the other on epigenetics.

The DNA report will provide a breakdown of which traits, characteristics, and health risks you’re prone to, plus guidance on what that means for your health. We’ll also give advice on how to act on your results: for example, how much recovery time is recommended between exercise sessions and which weight loss approach is likely to be more effective.

Your epigenetic results will provide four readings regarding your biological age and one relating to your risk of inflammation, plus whether these fall into a “healthy” range. The healthy range represents the typical biological age for people in your chronological age range.

You’ll also get detailed and personalised recommendations on how you can improve your biological age. This includes advice on which nutrients to eat and what types of exercise may be most beneficial.

While this test is accurate in analysing both your DNA and epigenetic markers, your results are not a diagnosis of any health problems. Even if your results indicate an increased risk of disease, this doesn’t mean that you have or will necessarily get that disease—your genes are just one factor that influence your health, alongside your lifestyle, environment, and more.

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What is epigenetic testing?

Epigenetic testing looks at whether certain genes are switched on or off. This can tell us whether the instructions that gene contains are actually being carried out inside the body. When certain genes are switched off, it can cause damage to build up inside your cells and for your body to age faster.

The amount of damage that’s accumulated is used to determine your biological age, which is the rate at which your body is ageing. It can indicate your overall health and predict your risk of developing disease.

Unlike your chronological age, your biological age is reversible. Epigenetics are shaped by your environment and lifestyle, and through epigenetic testing we can pinpoint which changes can help improve your health.

Why does it take so long to get my results?

To provide this level of insight into your health, our accredited labs need to sort and analyse a lot of genetic data (we’re talking thousands of data points) using various techniques. Results are then validated by registered clinical scientists and doctors. This process currently takes about 10 weeks.

Can epigenetic testing help me figure out what the best diet is for me?

Yes, epigenetic testing can provide personalised insights about which nutrients and dietary habits can improve your health and wellbeing. Your test results will also suggest foods that contain key nutrients so you can work them into your meal planning.

How should I prepare for this test?

Refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking for at least 30 minutes before you take the test.

Aside from that, there’s nothing else you need to do.

Is this test accurate?

This test is accurate in identifying epigenetic markers and DNA sequences, provided that you don’t eat, drink, or smoke at least 30 minutes before taking it.

Our tests meet high standards for best practice and safety. We are CQC registered, which is a quality mark for health services you can trust, and are UKAS accredited—along with all of our labs. All our tests are validated by registered clinical scientists and doctors.

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