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Quick, local blood test referral that works for you and your patients

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Refer your patients to phlebotomy hubs close by, with everything arranged in just a few clicks

  • 100+ phlebotomy locations around London
  • Order and manage referrals via a digital portal
  • Results delivered digitally, in as quick as two days

We’re certified for safety and quality

Blood test referral is crucial for primary care. We make it hassle-free

Around 70% of clinical decisions are influenced by diagnostic test results, but most suppliers have just the one phlebotomy site in the city—usually in central London—and are still using outdated processes.

We’re here to modernise and simplify blood test referral, for both clinicians and patients.

With over 100 local phlebotomy hubs across London (and counting), your patients can have their blood drawn where it works best for them. Plus, you can manage and keep tabs on patient orders through our all-in-one digital portal.

Your patients can choose a location for their test that’s convenient, rather than having to make the journey in

Streamline your processes: manage orders and appointments through our online portal

Results delivered digitally, in as quick as two days

Making blood tests available on every high street

We work with community pharmacies across London to transform them into phlebotomy hubs. When your patients need a blood test, they simply need to book in a time at their local pharmacy and show up—we’ll handle the rest.

  • All phlebotomists are certified to practice by the CPD Accreditation Group, with a Level 3 Award in phlebotomy
  • Patients only need to pick their preferred location through our online portal, and book a time that works
  • 100+ locations to choose from, and counting

Say goodbye to stacks of paper forms

With our digital portal, you can keep track of your referrals and patient results all in one place. Order tests, check status updates, and receive results—all without having to fill out or file a single paper form.

Order and book in a test in just a few clicks

Track test status and receive results straight to your account

All patient data is protected with advanced encryption

We’ll handle all the heavy lifting

From arranging appointments to validating tests, we take care of everything. All you need to do is order and book in a test via our platform.

Direct booking with pharmacies through our platform

We co-ordinate all comms and logistics around test delivery, providing real-time status updates via the portal

Get results in as quick as two days

You’re in safe hands

Our services meet high standards for safety and best practice:

CQC registered

UKAS accredited

All tests validated by HCPC scientists and GMC registered doctors.

Fully ICO and GDPR compliant, meaning that we meet best-practice standards for data security

All of our tests are CE marked

We use advanced encryption to protect your patients’ medical data

Plus, we run customer service 6 days a week, so you’ll never be caught short
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We make blood test referral quick and easy

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All our partner labs hold UKAS accreditations

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