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Step up your pharmacy’s customer experience, operations, and retail offering

Tuli is your plug-and-play partner, helping you transform your store into a digital-first community health hub

The pharmacy retail experience is changing. Are you?

Today, brick-and-mortar pharmacies face stiff competition from online-only services. But where they have an edge is their personal touch: providing guidance and advice from a trusted, local pharmacist.

The trouble is that most pharmacies are too weighed down with outdated, manual processes to focus on customer experience—which means they’re missing opportunities to grow.

That’s where we come in. Tuli is a plug-and-play solution for pharmacies to help elevate your customer experience, streamline your operations, and scale your services.

Here’s how:

Scale your health services: supply health tests from our accredited labs

Upskill your team. We offer phlebotomy training as CPD level 3

We’ll refer customers right to you from our website. We work in partnership with pharmacies, not competition

Get bespoke in-store marketing support for free, plus a library of digital marketing assets

Manage orders and results via our digital portal

Get tech upgrades, like access to a POS touchscreen

Scale your services, with all the heavy lifting sorted

Over the past few years, UK interest in private health checks has soared. Secure a piece of this pie by selling our health services in your store.

We’ll take care of everything around test delivery, from supplying the tests to picking up and analysing samples, to reporting results. You only need to put the tests on your shelves.

  • Sell a range of over 20 accredited health tests, including for allergies, STIs, general health and wellness, hormone imbalances, DNA health tests, and more
  • We’ll train your team to provide phlebotomies so you can deliver the tests in-store

Digitise your operations, get things done faster

Spend more of your time focusing on what matters: your customers. Streamline your processes by managing orders through our online platform and upgrading your in-store tech.

Access an all-in-one order tracking and management portal

Tech upgrades include a POS touchscreen, to make the customer experience smoother

We’ll sort you out with everything—you just need to sign up

Reach more customers and elevate your in-store experience

Engaging, targeted marketing can draw more people into your store and guide them towards a purchase decision. We’ll help you level-up your in-store experience for free, by providing marketing materials designed especially for you.

Plus, you’ll get access a range of digital assets to sharpen up your online channels.

Get bespoke marketing assets designed and printed for your store, including window and counter displays, posters, waiting room materials, and more—for free

Access our library of digital marketing assets for you to use on your channels

We’ll refer customers right to you using the search function on our website

You’re in safe hands

Our services meet high standards for safety and best practice

We’re CQC registered, which means that we’ll handle the clinical governance side and make sure you’re compliant when you provide our health services

UKAS accredited, which is the sole national accreditation body in the UK. It shows we meet standards for best practice and competence in our field

All tests validated by HCPC scientists and GMC registered doctors. These are registers for qualified professionals

Fully ICO and GDPR compliant, meaning that we meet best-practice standards for data security

All of our tests are CE marked

We use advanced encryption to protect your customers’ medical data

Plus, we run customer service 6 days a week, so you’ll never be caught short
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We believe that community pharmacies are the future of preventative care

Will you join the local healthcare revolution?

Accredited for: Sampling for COVID-19

All our partner labs hold UKAS accreditations

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